APINDO Training Center (ATC) was born on the spirit and idealism of APINDO's National Board leaders on the importance to accelerate the competence and quality of human resources. ATC presents and becomes the "Center of Excellence for Human Capital Development in Indonesia" to create innovative, productive, and competitive Human Capital Resources.

The Competency development of ATC's integrated industrial relations actors is designed in an accurate, smart, and excellent manner, and it is based on applied research in the workplace. This development is conducted to establish a harmonious Industrial Relations and a sustainable and conducive climate for National Investment.


To be the Center of Excellence of Human Capital Development in Indonesia


  • To develop the competence of actors of industrial relations in Indonesia
  • To conduct research related to labor issues in Indonesia
  • To provide excellence services to actors of industrial relations in Indonesia in improving Human Capital development practices in Indonesia


A. Reguler Training

Several activities are conducted regularly by ATC, namely:

  • Industrial Relations Certification Program (IRCP)
  • Speak Up- ATC Forum

B. In-House Training

  • Training of Work Relations and Wage system: One day training related on work relations and waging system
  • Industrial Relations Specialist Development Program (IRSCP): Training program for specialists in industrial realtions.
  • LKS Bi-party Training:  A partnership framework briefing program for the whole LKS Bi-party's board.
  • IR Framework for Union: a program to give a brief and enrichment of partnership concept for labor union's board.
  • Industrial Relations Officer Development Program (IRODP): Training program for officers in industrial relations where the participants are expected to be staff of industrial relations whose skills in administrative level.
  • IR Certification: Certification program in international realtions which is modified and taylore-made according to the company's needs and is conducted specifically for company's internal purposes.

C. IR Class

In addition to certification program based on competency development, training program on development of knowledge as well as talkshow which provide insight into updated information, it is necessary to provide a short training program which is directly targetting the development of particulat skills in industrial relations. Therfor, ATC conducts a program called IR Class.

IR Class is a package of short training program consists of several meetings. This training is designed effectively by inviting competent spesialists and resource persons. IR Class is conducted in two series bringing up the topic of conflict resolutions of international relations for beginners. The two first meetings discuss theoretical frameworks on conflict resolution in industrial relations and the two remaining meetings discuss case studies.

D. Major Agenda in Industrial Relations

We organize several agenda, among others are Business Process Outsourcing Indonesian Convention and Social security and Minumue Wages Indonesian Convention.