Research Result on Policy Advocacy towards Soft Skills Development in The Implementation of Industry 4.0

The outbreak of COVID pandemic has encouraged changes in the industrial revolution 4.0 to be faster, especially in the use of the internet and digital-based information technology in all industrial sectors requiring a shift in the industrial paradigm to adapt to all these changes.

To respond to the needs of member companies, a research was commissioned to strengthen Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO)'s policy advocacy towards soft skill development in the implementation of industry 4.0. The research was aimed at assessing changes in the business environment, especially in relation to needs, challenges and development of soft skills from the perspective of various stakeholders and developing policy proposals for implementation of industry 4.0 strategies. The study was carried out by information data collection through enterprise surveys and focussed group discussions and interviews. Survey findings highlighted the needs and challenges of developing soft skills.

APINDO formulated advocacy strategies and developed well-researched policy positions and advocacy materials about soft skills development. Industry can better understand needs and challenges of developing soft skills and become more active in developing soft skills in accordance with the needs of business.

Actually, APINDO was taking active part in the tripartite social dialogue on skills development policies, but could not fully engage in the decision-making process without any evidence-based positions and consolidated membership needs on soft skills. A number of studies on skills development have been made, but particular attention has not been paid to soft skills development policy.

APINDO is now able to build strategic partnerships to support and actively participate in the government's programmes to create jobs and enhance soft skills development in the future of work. APINDO, along with the government, universities, and TVET institutions, could contribute to making Indonesia 4.0 as an integrated road map to implement strategies to enter the Industry 4.0 era.

On 26 March 2021, APINDO conducted a validation workshop for employers to gather inputs and views from employers on issues and challenges concerning technology and soft skills development and submitted its policy proposal to the government and outreached to media in June 2021.

APINDO could make policy advocacy to map government strategies developed by the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Labour to address Industry 4.0 demands, especially in developing the soft skills of employees in the changing industrial climate. APINDO's policy proposal was also made to stimulate greater stakeholder collaboration towards developing demand-driven soft skills and address skill gaps. At organizational level, APINDO has improved its capacity to develop evidence-based positions and to stimulate debates amongst the employers on national skills development policies. 

Should you need further info of the research result please see (English version) or go through this link for Bahasa Indonesia version.

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